Another invaluable networking tool is membership in various professional industry associations as well as attendance at events sponsored by these associations. Customarily, sponsorship or several references from existing members are required to be accepted as a member to these associations. We can guide you through the application process. Among others, we recommend membership in the Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, and NARAS.

Country Music Association, Grammy Awards and Academy of Country Music

Country Music Association

Any individual holding a full-time or equivalent professional position who earns a substantial portion of his/her income from the performance of Country Music, either as a solo performer or as a member of a band or group. The individual must be a member of an established Performing Rights Organization (i.e. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) and meet two of the following criteria:

Experienced single or album chart action on a Billboard or Country Aircheck chart
Performs a minimum of 35 times annually at an established music venue with a capacity of 100 occupants or more
Is currently signed to a record label with national or digital distribution through recognized retailers
Experienced over 100,000 aggregated streams across commercially available digital service providers (i.e., Spotify. Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon

Music, YouTube/Google Music). This excludes Social Media posted content. Please be prepared to provide information to confirm streaming data.

Country Music Association (CMA) – Brandi Simms / (615) 244-2840

Academy of Country Music

Eligibility for professional members is limited to those individuals who derive a significant amount of their income directly from country music; however, admission to membership is subject to the approval and complete discretion of the ACM Board Of Governors. Individual membership dues are $75 annually.

Academy of Country Music (ACM) – Nick DiFruscia / (818) 788-8000