Satellite Media Tours

SMTs remain a cost-effective way to get your messages out to the media and directly to the consumers you and your clients are looking to reach. SMTs generally consist of a series of television interviews over a two, three, or four-hour time period with your artist, celebrity, company spokesperson and the media. SMTs may focus on one spokesperson for a new product or significant event, such as a book release or movie premiere.

Bear in mind, not every story topic and every spokesperson is a good match for a media tour. Carefully consider:

  • Does it have wide news appeal? Producers want “news they can use”, with easy-to-understand consumer messages
  • Does the spokesperson have a level of media recognition or does he or she offer a truly unique perspective on the story?

Part of our job is to help you determine this! We are with you every step of the way to determine if a SMT is beneficial for your cause and how we can maximize its benefits.

Our SMT service includes the process from start to finish including:

  • Pitch development
  • B-Roll development and distribution
  • Securing outlets and media participation
  • Studio Prep and Satellite connection
  • Staffing (Camera crew, Producer, Lighting, Phone Coordinator, etc.)
  • Placement follow-up
  • Airings Recap

COST: $20k-$30K