Publicity / Marketing

Now my song is going to radio, who knows who I am?  It’s time for publicity & Marketing Guidance.

A publicist can help build and guide your career steps. Consider the following … photos, press kits, logos, reviews, interviews, industry relationships… all of this is done with a publicist.

An entry-level publicist will cost a minimum of $2,000 and could cost as much as $6,000 a month. Inarguably, this is money well spent. Would you rather walk on Music Row with no one knowing who you are or would you like people to start recognizing you? This is a question you must ask yourself.

Do you have a physical and/or electronic/digital press kit? If you don’t have a press kit or demo package, then THAT will be the subject of your first publicity visit!

  • Album Packaging
  • Trade Ads
  • Marketing One Sheet
  • Artist Fact Sheet
  • Soundcloud link for single
  • Dropbox link for single and assets
  • Photo Shoot
  • Logo Design
  • Biography
  • Video Track by Track
  • Music Video
  • Website
  • Social Network

Are you ready to do interviews?

Media Training
Our Media Training will offer you the opportunity to test your skills and develop the techniques you need to give you the confidence in any media situation. Our Media Training will help you to prepare for the toughest questions and those nervous meetings with record label executives.


Media Relationships
Relationships with media contacts must be established over time and in the same manner that an artist meets with radio programmers so they will hopefully play a single, artists need to do the same thing with journalists. Having a meeting or meal with a journalist is always a good thing, prior to pitching them a story idea. This helps as they feel a personal connection and have gotten to know you before they receive the pitch. All outlets from online to print to television should be a focus of these meetings.


Access to Red Carpet Events & Other Media Opportunities

We are often able to offer access to Red Carpet Events and other media opportunities to new artists. The greatest challenge faced at these events is recognizing the benefits of the potential exposure and respecting everyone’s time accordingly. Artists that do not meet certain criteria often do not have access to these events at all. Inexperienced artists often have difficulty understanding that these photos will be their best shot at media exposure, and often get caught up in the moment and try to force their way in front of camera crews for additional exposure.

Unfortunately, any footage of artists that are not nominated for awards or performing at such events is never aired. Alternatively, most shots from the photo pit often make photo pages in print and media galleries on the internet. Furthermore, creativity and uniqueness on the part of the artist really increases their chances of exposure.