Although there are no guarantees of success in the music business, having someone who has walked the successful path many times with clients does make it easier to open doors. It also helps to save steps in advancing your career and, most importantly, we can prevent you from spending money unnecessarily. Kirt Webster will be happy to help pave the way for you in the music business.

Having formed a successful publicity firm in 1995, Kirt Webster spent the past 20+ years cultivating relationships and experience that has helped further the careers of many established artists as well as launch rising stars.

During his tenure, he met many independent artists who had come to Nashville and got ’cheated’ out of their hard-earned money. Time and time again, artists would come to the company for help and, after the initial meetings, Kirt would learn that the artists and their families had practically spent their entire life savings and were still nowhere in the music business.

In 2017, Kirt chose to close his publicity firm to protect his clientele in response to unproven accusations in the wake of the #MeToo movement. No criminal charges or civil lawsuits were filed. Kirt’s accolades continued being named 2017 PR News’ Publicist of the Year, in early 2018, and was the executive producer of the Emmy-winning telethon “Smoky Mountains Rise”.

Perhaps the best personal tribute came recently in early 2018 from his first client, Janie Fricke, who noted in an email from the road:


“…I just want you to know I missed you being here, and thought of you every moment as I met folks everywhere who you influenced in our business. Your efforts & achievements over all the years are revered, and everyone knows what a difference you have made in our world!”


You might ask. “What’s next for Kirt Webster?” Be assured it will be visionary, unexpected, larger than life, and filled with newsworthy answers to that very question.

Since then, Kirt Webster has begun consulting with former publicity clients, working and consulting with former publicity staffers, and acting as project manager on various music related projects ranging from sponsorship deals, putting radio teams together for indie artists, and launching a new television property.


Kirt’s expertise and knowledge led him to assimilate a team which resulted in the two artists named below to be honored with Music Row’s Independent Artist Of The Year, respectively.

2017 Independent Artist Of The Year


2016 Independent Artist Of The Year